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Among Us Add-on

Updated: Oct 14, 2023

With this addon add to your Minecraft a variety of hats to dress your character, it can be put on as if it were a helmet and all hats can be crafted in survival.


  • Add-on created by ArathNido

  • Add-on based on the Among Us video game created by Innersloth

Full Description:


This add-on allows you to become an Among Us crew member of any color, you can customize it by adding a hat or clothing.

To obtain the crew skins, hats and suits you must make the skins and hats store.

By interacting with the skin or hat store you can buy with stars.

To get stars you must kill impostors that will spawn around the world. The impostors will attack the player depending on the distance.

Crewmates Pets:

You can find crew members walking around the world and you can tame them with stars. Having a tamed crew member will protect you from enemies, they will follow you and you can ask them to stop following you.


You can obtain the crew members' pets, stars will be used to tame them, they will protect the player from enemies, they will follow you anywhere and you can ask them to stop following you.


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