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Sonic Land Add-on

Updated: Apr 8

With this add-on will be generated in your Minecraft world the world of Sonic where you will meet new creatures and enemies of Dr. Robotnik, you can become a Sonic character and get their skills.


Full description:

A new biome will be generated in the Minecraft world where the sunflower biome will be replaced by the Green Hills biome.

In Green Hills you will encounter new enemies that will attack the player and harmless creatures.


The chao will appear in the Green Hills biome and you can tame them with rings.

Rings are obtained in the Green Hills biome or by destroying a Robotnik badnik.


Cream will appear in the Green Hills biome, you will be able to interact with her to obtain skins to transform into a Sonic character.

To obtain red star rings you must destroy the robotnik drones that will appear in the Green Hills biome.


You can become a Sonic character and each skin can give you abilities.

To use a skin place the item in the helmet slot:

Skins list:





Classic Sonic

Classic Tails

Classic Knuckles

Classic Amy


Robotnik, Orbot & Cubo

Super Sonic & Classic Sonic

Skills & Controls:


While on the ground you will be able to perform the spin ability that will allow you to move fast and hit enemies in area.

Controls: While on the ground press the crouch button.

While in the air you can hit nearby enemies by pressing the jump button. This skill can be used every 2 seconds while in the air.

Fly and hover:

While in the air press the crouch button to start flying and release the crouch button to hover.

To stop floating press the jump button.

Climb walls:

To climb you will need to be attached to a wall, press the crouch button to hang on and press the jump button to climb.

Super Sonic:

To obtain the Super Sonic outfit you will have to make it from the workbench using this recipe:

To obtain a chaos emerald you must destroy the Badniks or Drones so that they release a chaos emerald, they have a 10% chance of releasing a chaos emerald.


  • Strength: 10

  • Resistance: 4

  • Regeneration: 1

  • Speed while walking: 2


To glide place the elytra in the breastplate slot and start gliding.

To perform infinite flight press the crouch button.


You will be able to use Tails' tornado and handle it as if it were an airplane:

To fly you must start to gain speed for 5 seconds. When you have gained speed you will start to fly and the position of the game camera will change, the plane will move by itself and you will be able to control it by moving the game camera.

If you move the camera upwards you will raise the plane, if you move the camera downwards you will start to descend, if you look at the camera straight ahead you will go straight ahead at higher speed.

To stop flying you must touch the ground or jump out of the plane.


Compatible with Player.JSON: Add-on de ArathNido, to play all ArathNido add-ons that use Player.json files.

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