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A. Iron Man Add-on

Updated: May 1

NEW VERSION OF IRON MAN ADD-ON ARRIVES! With this add-on you will be able to become the Marvel superhero Iron Man, you will be able to make his suits and use his powers, this is a new and improved version of the add-on released in 2022 only with improved mechanics, updated designs and new mechanics.


  • Add-on created by ArathNido. Betatester: Zero FatalRed, THE AMAZING MONDONGO & Yerko. Inspired by the Marvel Comics character Iron Man.


Full description:

New minerals:

Throughout the world of Minecraft new minerals will be generated that will be used to manufacture Iron Man's armor and weapons.

Titanium Ore

The titanium ore is generated in the deepest layers and when destroyed will release between 3 - 5 raw titanium.

Titanium ingots

Raw titanium can be heated in the furnace to obtain titanium ingots.


It is a mineral that can be found in the stone beach biomes.

When you obtain the vibranium ore you can heat it in the furnace to obtain pieces of vibranium.

Vibranium ingots:

Stark Industries Workbench

With the Stark Industries workbench you can make all of Iron Man's armor and weapons.

By placing the table you will be able to interact to start making armor or weapons.

There will be two categories Armor and Weapons, to change categories hold down the crouch button and interact with the table.

Arc Reactor

Iron Man's armor and weapons require energy so you will need to make the arc reactor using this recipe:

To use the arc reactor, place the reactor in the leg slot.

Iron Man armor:

Mark I (1)

Improvised armor

Mark II (2)

Mark II Frozen

Mark III (3)

Mark IV (4)

Mark V (5)

Mark VI (6)

Mark VII (7)

Mark VIII (8)

Mark IX (9)

Mark X (10)

Mark XI (11)

Mark XII (12)

Mark XIII (13)

Mark XIV (14)

Mark XV (15)

Mark XVI (16)

Mark XVII (17)

Mark XVIII (18)

Mark XIX (19)

Mark XX (20)

Mark XXI (21)

Mark XXII (22)

Mark XLIX (49)

Mark L (50)

Super Hero Squad Armor

Weapons, abilities and controls:

To use the weapons and abilities you will need to have Iron Man armor equipped and an arc reactor equipped.

Flight system

Mask & Interface

Super thrusters


Repulsor rays

Repulsor de reactor

Repulsor cannons

Displacer Sentries

Zoom with the scope

Flame thrower

Additional weapons:

You will be able to equip more weapons to your Iron Man armor, this you can only use them if you have an Iron Man suit on and an arc reactor.

Weapons list:

Missile launcher




Nanotechnology hammers

Energy Blade

Nanotechnology shield


Sentinels of Ultron

Iron Legion:

From Iron Man's workbench you will be able to make the iron legion that will help you defend against enemies.

To activate the iron legion interact with it using a microship. When activated, it will follow you and protect you from the enemies you have nearby.

You can ask him to stop following you by interacting with him.

To put him in patrol mode, so he can go freely, press the crouch button and interact with him. To make him follow you again and order him not to follow you, press the crouch button again and interact with him.


Version 1.0.0 - 04/25/2024



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26. Apr.
Mit 4 von 5 Sternen bewertet.

Mod looks great. Though, please add a mega/mediafire link for those who can't get Lootlabs to work, or those who distrust the sketchy site. Or honestly any other alternative link site tbh, my antivirus software's warning me about Lootlabs.

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26. Apr.
Mit 5 von 5 Sternen bewertet.

Well Arath had done it again. One of the best add-ons to date. This Iron-man has an incredible amount of content in the suits and abilities. I counted around 14-15 different moves for one character! Along with 27 suits this is easily on par with the Spider-Man add-on, at least in its first version. 🔥

Gefällt mir
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