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Nido de Add-ons:

On this page you will find content such as Maps, Add-ons and Skins for Minecraft Bedrock Edition, this page is not at all affiliated with Mojang, all content used is completely original, no textures, models or codes from other Mods creators or the Minecraft MarketPlace are used to avoid piracy or affect the image of the website, modders or Mojang itself. If there is a problem in political issues, copyright or a bug in an Add-on you can report directly to the creator from their social networks like Discord or Twitter. 
All content posted is completely FREE, there will be no micro payments or paid content here because Mojang prohibits the sale of Mods or plugins based on their game and we want to respect Mojang's policies.
Please comply with some rules that we have on this website.
-You are not allowed to resubmit content from other websites or play store apps or I will be forced to sue you by removing your content from the app.
-You can use nest-of-addons content for your youtube videos like reviews, realms, gameplays, series, etc. If you are going to share addons or maps please share only the link and do not post direct links like mediafire or monetize the download links for your own benefits, if this is the case we will send you a warning, if you do not comply we will be forced to remove the video or its content.


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