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Spider-Man Add-on

Updated: Apr 20

One thing ends... a new one begins, enjoy the best and new version of Spider-Man Add-on, with this add-on you will get the powers of the superhero and friendly neighbor Spider-Man, you will get the ability to climb walls, swing as Spider-Man, throw web, face new enemies and much more.


  • Add-on created by ArathNido: Models, textures, animations and behaviors.

  • Logo created by Lizter.

  • Beta tester: ArathNido & Yerko.

  • Basado en el personaje de Spider-Man creado por Stan Lee, Steve Ditko & Marvel Comics.


Full description:

Manufacture of accessories and suits

Microscope and sewing machine:


Sewing machine

Laboratory work table:

With the laboratory workbench you will be able to make all the costumes and accessories that this add-on adds.

There will be 5 manufacturing categories: Suits, suits upgrade, accessories, USB and upgrades.


  • Interact with the lab table to see the fabrication interface.

  • Duck and interact with the lab table to change categories.

Accessories and objects:

Peter Parker backpacks

Peter Parker's backpacks are scattered all over the world, interact with the backpack to release objects that can be useful to make accessories and costumes, they will also release Spider-Cuddly toys that can be used as decoration and an accessory.


  • Technological components: 1 - 3

  • Spider-Plushie

  • Item: Multiversal Particles, Radioactive Liquid, Radioactive Liquid 42 or Shop Cat's Backpack

  • Accessory: Blueprints for the web-slinger (Swing), web grenade, pumpkin bomb, Spider-Drone, Spider-Man paddle or Spider-Man 2099 hamburger.

List of accessories:

Web shooters

Web shooters (Balancing)

Spider web grenade


Patas metálicas

Bodega cat backpack

Cell phone

Spider's web wings

Spider web ball


Dr. Octopus metal arms

Electric Web

Kraven's Robot (Mascot)

Suit upgrades:

You will be able to upgrade your suit by changing its design which will improve its stats: 30% durability and 20% more resistance.


You will be able to acquire upgrades that will help you during the combats, the upgrades are obtained from the laboratory workbench.

When you have an upgrade in your main hand interact with it to acquire it, take into account that there are limits and if you want to see your acquired upgrades use the mobile phone.

List of upgrades:

Extra damage

Extra health


Electric Strike

Extra strength


The costumes can be manufactured from the sewing machine or from the laboratory workbench.

Some suits can grant you a unique ability and some will be damaged when taking damage, when the suit is destroyed it will change to a fully damaged suit and the damaged suit will lose its unique abilities.

When a suit receives damage you can repair it from the anvil and place a sandman crystal before it is completely destroyed.

If the suit is completely destroyed you can repair it with the sandman crystals from the workbench using this recipe:

The sandman crystals will be generated naturally in the desert.

You will be able to choose the textures of the suits as you want between Vanilla textures or textures with x256 resolution.

Miles Morales abilities:

To use Miles Morales' abilities you will need to craft the item that will grant you Miles Morales' abilities from the lab workbench. When you have the object place it in the slot of the legs to get the powers of Miles Morales.

List of costumes with statistics:

Human Spider

Iron Spider (MCU)

Miles Morales: Classic Suit

Miles Morales: Orgullo de barrio

Scarlet Spider

Spectacular Spider-Man

Spider-Man: 67

Spider-Man: The Animated Series

Spider-Man: Traje Clásico

Spider-Man: Traje Stark

Spider-Man: Traje actualizado

Spider-Man: Traje hibrido

Spider-Man: Homemade Suit

Spider-Man: Negative Suit

Insomniac's Spider-Man: Advanced suit

Raimi's Spider-Man Suit

Spider-Man: Stealth Suit

Spider-Man: Steve Ditko Suit

Spider-Man: Wrestler Suit

The Amazing Spider-Man

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Ultimate Spider-Man

Miles Morales: Bodega cat

Insomniac's Spider-Man: Advanced Suit 2.0

Iron Spider

Spider-Man: Velocity Suit

Spider-Man 2099

Ezekiel Sims Suit

Spider-Punk Suit

Spider-Man: Future Foundation

Spider-Man: Cero

Aracnido Jr.

Anti-Ock Suit

Superior Spider-Man Suit

Miles Morales Wolverine Suit

Ghost Spider (Classic) Suit

Miles Morales: Into The SpiderVerse

Miles Morales: Across The SpiderVerse

Scarlet Spider: Across The SpiderVerse Suit

The Amazing Spider-Man with belt Suit

Spider-Man 2099: Across The SpiderVerse Suit

Symbiote costumes:

All symbiote suits will be obtained by using the symbiote meteorite.

The meteorite will appear in the desert in the crystal areas of sandman, you can collect it and then put it back and you can get symbiont suits.

The falling meteorite will release some symbiotes and you can pick up a symbiote using a capsule.

By having the capsule with the symbiote you can use it to create symbiote suits.

Symbiote suit abilities:

To obtain the symbiote's abilities you must craft the ability item from the meteorite and equip it from the leg slot.

Symbiont explosion

Symbiont Fist

Super Symbiote Fist

List of symbiote suit:

All symbiote suits are unbreakable.

Spectacular Spider-Man: Black Suit (Phase 1)

Spectacular Spider-Man: Black Suit (Phase 2)

Spectacular Spider-Man: Black Suit (Phase 3)

Spider-Man: Classic Black Suit

Insomniac Spider-Man 2: Black Suit

Raimi's Spider-Man: Black Suit

Ultimate Spider-Man: Black Suit

Spider-Man: Secret Wars black suit

Spider-Man: The Animated Series Black Suit

Spider-Man: The Animated Series Black Suit [Red and blue borders]

The Amazing Spider-Man: Black Suit


All of these vehicles may be manufactured from the laboratory workbench.




Spider-Man Powers:

To get Spider-Man's powers you can make them from the microscope or on the laboratory workbench.

By placing the Spider-Man powers token in the leg slot you will get Spider-Man's powers and abilities.


Climbing and running on walls

Climbing on the roof

Super jump


Arachnid Sense (BETA)


Combat Mode




Hunter robots


Throughout the world of Minecraft TaskMaster challenge boxes will be generated in which interacting will give you tokens to face the iconic villains of Marvel/Spider-Man. When you have a villain token, interact with the challenge box to make a Spider-Man villain appear.

Defeating a villain will release special unique items.



Green Goblin




The Daily Bugle will be generated in your Minecraft world, you will be able to meet J. Jonah Jameson in which you will be able to interact with him and get items in exchange for photos.

You can get pictures from Peter Parker's backpacks.

Installation and version

Update: 1.2.0 - 04/20/2024




Compatible with Player.JSON: ArathNido add-on, to play with all ArathNido add-ons that use Player.json files.

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Руслан Чыспынмаа
Руслан Чыспынмаа
Apr 20
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

The coolest and best Spider-Man addon, but the costumes of villains without abilities...(


Apr 11
Rated 4 out of 5 stars.

I find this mod great I think it could use more suits but I know how tough it is for you and I know this is a lot and I support you


Mar 29
Rated 1 out of 5 stars.

i just bought minecraft just to play your addon man :( 1.20.71 doesnt work...


Mar 15
Rated 1 out of 5 stars.

Could you update it to 1.20.70? Some of the stuff doesn't work


Дмитрий Солдаткин
Дмитрий Солдаткин
Jan 30
Rated 4 out of 5 stars.


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