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Iron Man Add-on [2022]

Updated: Apr 8

With this add-on will allow you to become the super hero Iron Man, you can use their costumes, the power to fly like Iron Man and use their weapons, all you can make from your survival world.


  • Add-on created by ArathNido.

  • Inspired by the superhero Iron Man owned by Marvel Comics.


Full Description:

You will need to manufacture the costume portal to obtain armaments and IronMan's costumes.

You will have to build the costume portal to obtain IronMan weaponry and costumes.

Reactor Arc

The arc reactor will allow to give energy to the suits and the propellant gloves, the arc reactor is placed in the Slot of the legs.

Armors and controls:

Thruster and Glider

To use the thrusters to fly you must have an Iron Man suit in the foot slot, arc reactor in the leg slot, jump or be in the air and press the crouch button.

When you use the elytras will change its design by a glider Iron Man, you will have unlimited flight just have to be careful not to crash, to lower the flight level press the button to duck, to disable flight press the jump button.

Propellant Glove

When using the gauntlet you will be able to fire a burst of light that inflicts too much damage to enemies, it will not require ammunition nor will it be expended as long as you have an arc reactor in the leg slot.

It will include a sight that will increase your vision, to use it hold down the crouch button and be on the ground. This only works if you have a suit on and the helmet activated.


This weapon fires a burst of bullets, it is only available if you are wearing an Iron Man suit (Mark 1 is not included) the firing time is 0.1, the ammo is infinite as long as you have an arc reactor in the leg slot.

Missile Launcher Glove:

This glove allows you to fire missiles, you will be required to have a missile in the second hand to fire a missile. Its explosion power is 4.

Mark1 flamethrower:

Can only be used while wearing the Iron Man Mark 1 suit, it allows you to shoot fire that will allow you to burn objects and enemies.

War Machine Minigun:

Can only be used while wearing a War Machine suit, fires bursts of bullets and the ammo is infinite as long as you have the War Machine suit.

Pneumatic hammers:

You will be able to use it as a tool, it will be able to chop any block quickly, it also has the double option that increases the efficiency speed.

Vibranium retractable knife:

You can use it as a tool, it can chop any block quickly, it also has the double option which increases the efficiency speed.

Gloves of energy rays:

The gloves shoot energy beams that will do damage to enemies it passes through, it can be used without the need for a suit as long as you have an arc reactor in the leg slot, when using the Iron Man Mark 18, 24, 34 and 42 suits it will increase your attack damage and destroy blocks in a 3x3 area.

Unibeam (Reactor Beam):

This ability can be used if you have an arc reactor in the foot slot, an iron man suit and have the item unibeam in the main hand, you can shoot a beam that will cause a huge explosion, the recharge duration is 20 seconds. If you wear Iron Man Mark 18, 24, 34 or 42 armor, the size of the explosion will increase.

Float System

When using an iron man suit and while you have energy it will grant you an object "Float Mode" in your inventory, while you are in the air you will be able to interact with it and you will start floating without falling or rising, while you are floating you will be able to move to the sides, to deactivate the float mode press the crouch button.

Armors and features:

Mark I

Mark II

Mark III

Mark IV

Mark V

Mark VI

Mark VII

Iron Legion

From Mark XIII to Mark LXII the armors will have the lookout mode, which will allow the suit to control itself, you can ask it to follow you or to stay off, it can fly and it will defend you from enemies using its repulsors.

To activate the lookout mode, place a microchip in the secondary hand, in the main hand place one of the armors belonging to the iron legion and press the crouch button to display the suit in its lookout mode.


Mark IX

Mark X

Mark XI

Mark XII


Mark XIV

Mark XV

Mark XVI



Mark XIX

From Mark XX onwards, propellants will be included that will allow you to flower without the need for an arc reactor.

Mark XX:​

Mark XXI




Mark XXV

Mark XXVI:​

Mark XXVII:​


Mark XXIX:​

Mark XXX









From Mark XXXIX onwards, thrusters will be included that will allow you to fly without the need of the arc reactor.


Mark XL

Mark XLI




Traje clásico

War Machine Armor

War Machine Mark 001

War Machine Mark 002:​

Iron Patriot​

Iron Man armor support:

You can create a special armor stand just for Iron Man suits, it can be used as decoration, you can place any Iron Man suit available, using the interact button you can place an armor you have in your hand or it returns the armor you have placed.

Sentinels of Ultron:

They will appear in the Minecraft world at night, they will attack the player with their repulsors, when you destroy them they will release a lot of iron ingots and a chance to release vibranium.


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Feb 09
Rated 2 out of 5 stars.

please update for 1.12.60


djdj xjdj
djdj xjdj
Dec 06, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Can you make the version without ultrons? They are too many in the map and so annoying... Still love your add-ons. Thanks


Martin Frey
Martin Frey
Nov 24, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.


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