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Captain America Add-on

Updated: Apr 10

With this add-on you can become the Marvel superhero Captain America, you can get the powers of the super soldier, there will be enemies scattered throughout the world of Minecraft, new structures and you can use a variety of costumes and vehicles to face your enemies.


  • Add-on created by ArathNido

  • Beta tester: THE AMAZING MONDONGO, lairameconsume and Arcangel7263

  • Add-on inspired by Captain America created by Marvel Comics.


Full Description:


The world of Minecraft will generate vibranium, a new mineral that can be found near the lakes and on the beaches of Minecraft.

Vibranium ore can be cooked in the furnace to obtain vibranium scrap.

Vibranium ingots:

Vibranium shields:

With the vibranium ingots you will be able to make the vibranium shield, you can use the shield to throw it, attack melee and cover yourself from attacks.

While you have the shield in your main hand or second hand hold down the crouch button and you will be able to cover yourself from taking damage and push your enemies away. When you are attacked by a projectile or enemy the shield will not protect you from any attack for 2 seconds.

The shield will protect you from very high falls, keep the crouch button pressed while you are falling to avoid taking damage in the fall.

While using the shield move forward to push enemies in front of you.

Place the shield in the number 0 slot of the inventory (below the armor section) to have the shield on your back.

As long as you have the shield in your main hand you can throw the shield which will deal damage to enemies in the area, the shield returns to your hand a few seconds after you throw it.

You will be able to change the design of the vibranium shield with dye and using these recipes:

Captain America shield:

Captain America Shield - The First Avenger:

Captain Carter's shield:

Captain America classic shield:


Vibranium shields:

  • Melee attack damage: 25

  • Throw damage: 35

  • Knockback damage: 30 area damage

  • Protects you from high falls.

Captain America's classic shield:

  • Melee Attack Damage: 7

  • Throw damage: 12

  • Recoil Damage: 8 area damage

  • Does not protect you from high falls.


Captain America Classic Costume:

Helmet resistance: 1

Suit resistance: 4

Captain Carter costume:

Suit resistance: 12

Captain America Costume - The First Avenger:

Helmet strength: 2

Suit resistance: 12

Falcon suit

Hull resistance: 2

Suit resistance: 12

Sam Wilson - Captain America:

Hull strength: 2

Suit resistance: 12

If you use the elytras while wearing the Falcon suit or the Sam Wilson: Captain America suit you will be able to obtain their wings that will allow you to obtain infinite flight.


Throughout the world of Minecraft Hydra soldiers will spawn and attack the player.

Red Skull:

Red Skull will have a small chance to appear in places where Hydra flags are generated, he is a boss that will attack the player and has abilities that will make it complicated to defeat him. He has combat skills such as performing super jumps to dodge blows, melee attack and uses his laser gun that inflicts an explosion on impact.

Defeating Red Skull will grant you his laser pistol and the tesseract.

Red Skull laser pistol:

Red Skull's gun fires a laser beam that produces a range 3 explosion with a cooldown of 1.5. The ammunition is infinite.

Hydra Stomper:

With the tesseract you will be able to manufacture the Hydra Stomper which is an armor that will change the way you play as melee attacks, new weapons and much more.

Using the hydra stomper will change the game's camera, you will receive a lot of resistance and you will not receive fall damage.

To use the Hydra Stomper, place the item in the player's head slot.


You will be able to attack your enemies with blows, the more blows the attack damage increases.

The first hit reduces 12 damage, the second hit 18 damage and the third hit performs a super attack that inflicts damage in an area of 5 blocks with 28 damage.

Repulsor ray:

With the repulsor ray reduces 20 damage to enemies on impact.

Launch missiles:

Fires a missile that inflicts an explosion at a range of 3.

While you have a Hydra Stomper weapon selected, the player's camera will change to first person view. Keep pressing the crouch button to zoom in and out to look from a distance.


With the Hydra Stomper's thrusters you will be able to fly and hover in the air. To use the thrusters hold down the duck button to go up, when you release the duck button you will slowly start to go down. To descend instantly press the jump button.

When using the elytras you will be able to use the suit's thrusters to fly infinitely, to slow down the flight speed keep pressing the crouch button.

Super Soldier Serum:

The super soldier serum is obtained by defeating Red Skull or by manufacturing it.

You can acquire the super soldier serum to receive the powers of Captain America, it will allow you to perform melee attacks that increases the attack damage.

Para eliminar los poderes usa el antisuero, para obtenerlo usa esta receta:

Captain America's Motorcycle



Compatible con Player.JSON: Add-on de ArathNido, para jugar con todos los los add-ons de ArathNido que usen archivos Player.json.

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