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Hulk Add-on

Updated: Apr 10

With this add-on you can become the Hulk character where you can crush everything in your path with a better combat system with a gameplay that changes the way you play Minecraft. It includes a lot of variants of Hulk in which you can become, adds new enemies, structures that are generated by the world among many things.


  • Add-on created by ArathNido

  • Beta tester: THE AMAZING MONDONGO, lairameconsumes and Arcangel7263

  • Add-on inspired by Hulk character created by Marvel Comics.



  • Add-on created by ArathNido.

  • Based on The Incredible Hulk character from Marvel Comics created by Stan Lee.

Full description:

Gamma Block:

In your Minecraft world, gamma blocks will be generated in the tabletop biomes.

The blocks are compatible with any RTX pack.

You can obtain the gamma sphere by heating the gamma block from the blast furnace.

Using this recipe you will be able to make the Gamma Orb.

Transform into the Hulk:

With the Gamma Orb you can use it to create Hulk transformations.

Hulk transformations are made from the stone cutter:

To transform into the Hulk you must place the item in the head slot.



Melee attack

Jumping and attack

Super jump


Hulk Smash

Super Smash

Hulk's hammer:

Hulk fists:

With the Hulk Fists you will be able to perform some Hulk attacks without the need to transform into the Hulk.



Jump & Attack:


Gamma Dogs:

Gamma dogs will spawn in tabletop biomes in places where gamma stone blocks are generated and are completely aggressive creatures and will attack anyone in their path.

During the night they will fall asleep and are completely harmless as long as you do not attack them.


  • Health: 120

  • Damage: 16

  • Mobility: 0.35


Will appear in tabletop biomes in places where gamma stone blocks are generated. It will be a completely difficult boss to defeat only if you face it in your Hulk form.

Perform different special attacks and when you defeat him, he will release a great loot.


  • Health: 3000

  • Damage: 24

  • Mobility: 0.3


Compatible with Player.JSON: ArathNido add-on, to play with all ArathNido add-ons that use Player.json files.

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5 days ago

This addon is super awesome. But can you make it where hulk can destroy blocks when he uses some of his moves or punches things like the ground or walls?


pinoquio mafioso
pinoquio mafioso
Mar 10
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Muito bom! Poderia adicionar o abominação como personagem jogavel? o model dele é incrível e seria legal ele como personagem jogavel também


Mar 09
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

I greatly enjoy the Hulk addon, second only to the Spider-Man addon. The gameplay is incredibly fun and uses just the right amount of experimental camera. Great work 👏

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